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The fast-paced summer real estate season is almost here!  We usually see  HUGE uptick in market activity beginning in April/May as people start to plan their summer moves, and this year has been showing signs of the same trends!  Get ready!

If you're thinking about listing your home this summer, consider these suggestion (along with hiring South Coast Real Estate to market your property) to help you get top-dollar in the shortest amount of time.

1)  Cleanliness matters.  Over and over again, a dirty home is the biggest distraction for Buyers.  It's true, people must be able to envision themselves living in  your home to take the plunge to make an offer.  Before listing, consider giving your home a good solid deep clean, including the carpets/tile.

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Now that we have our ducks in a row, I would love to formally introduce you to ALL members of South Coast Real Estate!

South Coast Team

Left to Right: Patricia Wilde, Broker/REALTOR; Erin Rich, REALTOR; Coral Dworaczyk, REALTOR, and Andrea Gatlin, REALTOR.


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One of the biggest shock to Buyers and and some Sellers are the closing costs associated with their transaction.  These fees are monies to be paid at the time of closing IN ADDITION to your down payment (as a Buyer).

Sellers have it pretty easy, as their closing costs are typically explained at the time of listing their home or property for sale.  For Sellers, the largest percentage of their closing costs are associated with the brokerage fees paid to their Sales Agent/REALTOR and the brokerage.  These fees cover the expenses to market and advertise their property to attract the widest pool of ready, willing, and able Buyers.  This total fee (negotiated at the time of listing) is typically shared between the Sales Agents on BOTH sides of the

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Hi there!

If you know us, you likely know what's going on with our new company, South Coast Real Estate.  If you don't, let me fill you in-- we have been working under our friends at Palm Bay for the past two years to get all of our proverbial ducks in a row and ready to launch our own brokerage (with our friend and Broker Patricia Wilde).  The time has come, and it's official!  South Coast Real Estate is licensed with the Texas Real Estate Commission, and just like that, our dream became reality.

Erin and I are excited to continue offering the best boutique-style personalized, yet highly professional, service possible.  Although we are traditional and conservative by nature, we have grown to embrace some amazing technology available to our industry

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