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Happy Monday!  I had a long discussion with a first-time Buyer over the weekend, which make me consider today's blog.  Here ere three REALLY important 
"Things NOT to do" when you're getting ready to buy a home-- for the first time or any time thereafter!

#1-- DON'T OVERSPEND.  Own your home, but don't let your home own you.  Buying a new home is a always a big deal, and you definitely want something that will at least work for your 5-Year plan, but do not let yourself get wrapped up in "keeping up with the Joneses".  Before you start home shopping, consider what are are REALLY comfortable paying on a monthly basis, and get pre-qualified with your Lender.  Stick to your budget.

If you aren't currently connected with a Lender or Mortgage Officer,

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At least once a week, we get calls from Investors or "investors" asking about good deals on foreclosures.  Well, here's the truth.  THERE ARE NO GOOD DEALS ON FORECLOSURES.  OK, ok.  That may be a stretch, but it is more true than false.  Here are some really important things to keep in mind about researching, buying, and closing deals on foreclosures.

First, the bank is NOT selling it for ONLY what is owed on the loan. That may have been the case in bygone years, but it certainly isn't the case now.  Local agents have relationships with different Lenders (the entity foreclosing) and they submit valuations of the properties before they are listed on the active market.  The homes are valued similar to how any home for sale would be valued, with

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We are pleased to offer a small selection of residential and commercial rental properties in the Coastal Bend region.  We pride ourselves of hosting clean, and well-maintained properties owned by a select group of experienced and responsive Owners.  If you are considering investing in rentals properties, here are some VERY important points to consider:

1)  Can you lease the property for enough to cover your existing mortgage, taxes, and insurance?  Good investments should be a blessing, not a burden.  If you are losing hard-earned money every month (or cannot "break-even" with your rental) then it may be time to re-evaluate the situation.  First, shop around on you insurance rates-- you may be able to find something more competitive.  Make sure your

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