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We have had an increased frenzy of rental scams again lately.  It's a real pain for everyone.

What happens is-- someone steals a listings photos, property description, and details from a legitimate posting online, reduces the price, and tries to intercept potential tenants and steal their deposit money while posing as a property owner, investor, or property manager.  I had  someone steal one of my rental listings this week, and here's even a cell screenshot of how this has been playing out via text between me (AKA "Susan") and the person who stole my listing and is trying to pass it off as their own.

Scammer Convo

So, how do you protect yourself from being scammed?

1)  Ask the landlord to describe the property. Do they know the complete address and zip

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Home warranties have come a LONG way since their first inception, but they tend to leave a bad taste in consumers' mouths due to misinformation.  Here are the Top 3 myths I hear on a regular basis...

1)  Home warranties will fully cover repairs/replacements. 

NO! Always make sure you review your selected company's materials to review what they will or will not cover.  Usually, the home warranty companies are pretty good about repairing systems for only the trade call fee.  However, if a system needs to be replaced (Like your AC, water heater, etc.) there are expenses that will NOT be covered.  Make sure you educate yourself before lodging a hefty complaint.  In my opinion and experience, even when I have had to pay for some of these additional

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Thinking of selling your property?  Not sure how to select the right REALTOR to represent your best interests?  Here are a few questions you want to be sure to ask your prospective representatives.  Remember-- this is the likely to be on the the largest financial transactions you make during your lifetime, choose your professional REALTOR wisely.

1) How long have you been in real estate?  Is this your full-time job?

Don't immediately discount new agents- they can be extremely driven, are typically current on laws and regulations, and may be able to afford you more personal time and attention that more established Agents.  But, do make sure they are working under or with an experienced agent or team that can help them if needed.  Experience doesn't

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Real estate has provided me a wonderful and very rewarding career (not just financially), but it's not as easy at it looks and it's not just about "i love to see houses".  If you are considering your own real estate career, here are 5 things I strongly urge you to consider to prepare yourself to take the leap!

1)  Money doesn't roll in the door immediately.  Once you actually get your first transaction under contract, it usually takes 30-45 days for it to close and fund (if it doesn't fall through and you actually make it to the closing table).  So, best case scenario, you'll get your first paycheck in 1-2 months. Let that sink in. This issue alone is why I see 90% of new agents fail in their first year.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE plan ahead and prepare to

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Summer is here!  In the past 10 days we went from "a nice mild spring" to "it's hot".  As we continue to see the temperature rise, consider these suggestions to get your home in tip-top summer shape (and save you some bucks).

1)  SERVICE YOUR AC SYSTEM.  During the summer months, your air conditioner works overtime.  Contact your HVAC contractor and have them come out and take a look at your system to make minor repairs or have it cleaned.  Beware of anyone that immediately tries to get you to buy a whole new system if your system is still working well (don't be afraid to get a second opinion either).  Always remember to change your AC filters monthly (or as recommended by your system).  If your system is older, you may also want to consider getting a

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