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Happy Friday everyone!  I have shown some REAL interesting homes this week, and I not in a good way.  Unfortunately, Sellers are either ignorant or uninformed on three simple things to take care of before listing... 

Some of these suggestions may seem obvious, but I have encountered each of them at least once in the past month.


CLEAN YOUR HOUSE.  I mean... REALLY clean it up.  Clean the kitchen, clean the bathrooms.  HIRE someone to clean your carpets professionally.  When you have showings scheduled, do the dishes, clean the cat's litter box, control the laundry, and take out the trash.  


Make sure your house smells good.  This seems funny, but it's SO true! I am not saying you need to fall into the "bake cookies every time you

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Happy happy July everyone!

I apologize for the lack of blogs lately, but we are in full and steady swing for our busiest time of the year here in Corpus Christi (and surrounding areas)!  Andrea, Erin, and I have been busy with our existing Buyers and Sellers and moving through our transactions at a rapid pace!  Fortunately, we work with a great team of professionals in our related title and mortgage industries that have been helping us churn through the summer with great efficiency!

Congratulations to so many of our clients that have successfully sold or purchased a new home recently!  Since the summer began, we have helped over 50 families with buying, selling, or leasing homes, which means the three of us have been VERY busy!

We greatly

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